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Developer: Speelbaars
Publisher: 2Awesome Studio
Platforms: Nintendo Switch, XBox One, PS4, Windows, OSX, Linux
Status: [Switch/XBox One/PS4] Released (January 2020),
[Win/OSX/Linux] Released (Sept. 3rd 2015)
Role: Manager, Producer, Game Designer, Programmer [Win/OSX/Linux]

Age of Wonders III

Developer: Triumph Studios
Publisher: Triumph Studios
Platforms: Windows, OS X, Linux
Status: Released (Mar. 31st 2014)
Role: Game Design Intern
WIP Game

[Untitled Project]

Platforms: TBA
Status: Work in progress
Role: Creator



What's this website about?:

My name is Luc Veiga da Palma and this is my portfolio website. Take a look at what I've made, what my skills are or how you can contact me; the kind of things you'd normally do on a portfolio site.

About me and why I get up in the morning:

I'm a game designer and developer, making videogames and sharing them with whoever is interested. I had amazing experiences playing videogames as a child and I hope to create games that will become just as meaningful to somebody else.


- Working on a new project; more info coming soon!


- Graduated from the Utrecht School of Arts; studied Game Design & Development

- Co-founded game development company Speelbaars; worked on Lumini

- Design Intern at Triumph Studios; worked on Age of Wonders III and its Golden Realms expansion


Feel free to send me a mail at contact [at] lucvdp [dot] com, or find me on the following sites: