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What's a Lumini?

Lumini is a 'flow adventure' game, by game development team Speelbaars, about an exotic planet destabilised by the near extinction of a race of creatures called 'Lumini'. It was released on September 3rd 2015 for Win / OSX / Linux and again in January 2020 for Nintendo Switch / Xbox One / PS4. For more info about the game, visit or check out the Steam page.

What was your role in the team?

I was one of the co-founders of Speelbaars and worked on Lumini from September 2013 as a programmer, game designer and producer. My main focus was the control of the swarm of Lumini: their formations, how they build up momentum, how they move, etcetera.


Tell me more!

The original release of Lumini was met with positive feedback, got picked up by sites like Kotaku and had its soundtrack nominated for an IGF award. Although Speelbaars eventually ended up disbanding, publisher/developer 2Awesome Studio eventually picked up the game and ported it to consoles in January 2020.